This could be a genuine treehouse, with a tree growing through the (proposed) Airbnb, but at the moment, it is simply a support structure, bereft of floors or conveniences. This is while the tree regenerates, after a serious bark infection some years ago, forced drastic surgery. Though, the proposed use could be enjoyed on a temporary basis for up to 28 days a year, under permitted development rules. Except that any fittings that may not be a permitted development, after the expiry of 28 days, would have to be removed, until the following year. That is not impossible, but rather inconvenient, and an additional financial burden on the Museum, as the Trust strives for tentative listing, as a World Heritage Site.





The village of Herstmonceux does not have a 'Funfair.' Though, many locals have been calling the Museum exactly that for quite some time. Traditional Amusement Arcades with penny slot machines have long since lost their attraction, where every boy and girl these days, have their own gaming console, typically, competing online.


But high adrenaline rush home entertainment does not get children out and into the fresh air to exercise their muscles and imaginations, while getting back in touch with nature, and most important of all, releasing all of that stress making adrenaline.


The closest attractions are in:


- Alfriston; Drusillas

- Eastbourne; Fort Fun

- Hailsham; Knockhatch


A few years ago, a little girl climbed the gates to the rear of Herstmonceux Museum, and asked where the 'Funfair' was. The Museum's security said:


"Sorry, there is no 'Funfair,' here." 


But it was clear from the look on the little girl's face, that her parents had led her to believe there was. And she was mightily disappointed.


A month or two later, a small boy asked his mother to lift him high above those same gates, so that he could see into the 'Funfair.' As she did so he caught sight of the giant ant, called Anthony.


"Mum," he said excitedly. "I want one of those."


"No way." Said his mother. "It's way too large. It won't fit in the house."


His mother and security laughed. But, should we disappoint those children?


Later still, another girl asked if she could stay, or play, in what she thought was a tree house.


The Museum has received quite a few requests like that. Apparently, there is nowhere in Herstmonceux, where kids can have that kind of fun.


Should we disappoint those children, and their parents?


In the summer, a number of walkers pass by, invariably stopping to ask about air-bnb in the tree house. Unfortunately, it is not a proper tree house. More a stay for the sycamore growing in and through the supporting structure. But it could be a tree house.


Should we disappoint all of those hikers?


As a working museum, that is open to the public, the old generating buildings house several interesting exhibits, many of which have an electrical connection. So, perpetuating the spirit of inventiveness, pioneered by Major Charles de Roemer, John Hopkinson, Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison, in the run up to C.1900.






Herstmonceux Museum in East Sussex, England - UNESCO World Heritage Site contender



The only surviving early example of load levelling (modern grid stabilisation) using battery storage C.1900. Anywhere in the world.




The owners/operators, Lime Park Heritage Trust, are a charity, aiming to restore the site to its former glory, complete with a working National gas engine.



Herstmonceux Museum

Lime Park


East Sussex


United Kingdom



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